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Turning our hearts back to the Father
One day the Lord spoke some things to Derrick concerning his purpose, and God given destiny. God told him to make that through all of his failures and success that his heart was always turned towards Him. After a time of prayer God downloaded this entire book into his spirit within 1 minute.
In the current condition of the world is facing, humanity is yearning for more of God. All of creation waits with eager longing for God to reveal his children. (Romans 8:19) This book will stir up something deep within you causing you to become desperate for the things of God, and ignite spiritual awakening! This is a book of REVIVAL! This book focuses on repentence, sanctification, and brokenness, and supernatural in a way you’ve never heard it before! THIS IS FRESH BREAD!
When you grasp the revelation of the book “The Supernatural Power of Tears.” You will:
• Learn keys to effective prayer
• Learn that brokenness is a spiritual gift
• See accelerated answers to prayer
• Understand one of the things that God finds most attractive in a believer
• Experience spiritual awakening
• Live out the purpose God has ordained for your life

Turn your heart back to the Father, and see the supernatural begin to move in your favor as you learn the revelation of the Supernatural power of Tears!

    The Supernatural Power of Tears

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